Monday, October 5, 2009


Dan Riehl in answer to the specific allegation via his Monday morning email that he Dan Riehl is a child molester, Dan Riehl suspected child molester avoided any comment to the specific allegations that he Dan Riehl is a child molester.

In other developments in the case, Dan Riehl who many say could be a child molester, posted more allegations against a murder victim found dead in Daniel Boone National Forest with the word "FED" written on his chest. Evidently according to Dan Riehl, suspected pedophile, the victim a part time census worker had curly hair and is therefore a homosexual. Why this would be important to Dan Riehl should be obvious to the most casual observer of all things Pro Life. As anyone knows, Gays are not to be allowed into the "Culture of Life" that Conservatives hold dear and don't count as human.

The following is the email exchange -
Chris Sweet to Dan Riehl -

"Or maybe just more speculation?
In my search for facts I found this -

Which begs the question, why have you not answered these allegations?

Others are speculating whether you yourself killed Bill Sparkman because he rebuffed your sexual advances. That is of course ludicrous. No real information on Bill Sparkman's sexuality is publicly known. In addition, since you are a Republican, it would be ridiculous to suspect that you are gay. A child molester maybe, but not gay.

As a well known liar and mudslinger you know how important it is to nip this type of allegation in the bud.

It would most likely be to your benefit to categorically deny these allegations. Or maybe just publicly admit you are the lowest form of humanity, apologize for your sick posts concerning the murder of Bill Sparkman and update those posts accordingly.

Your newest fan, Chris Sweet"

In reply Dan Riehl, who many say could be a Child molester sent the following -
" It would be useless to publicly admit that I'm the lowest form of Humanity. The fact is well known." (or at least that is what it appears to read, it's kinda blurry and I think Dan Riehl has been shaken by the allegations of being a Child Predator and spilled coffee on the email)
He went on to add,
"Thanks, Chris! But, I saw that quite a while ago. Still, it's always good to see some of my fans building websites for me. There have been quite a few over the years. There are few things that make one feel better about their work, widespread readership, or more important than knowing how much people are thinking about you. Anyway, thanks again for sending it along! Now you, on the other hand, well, you're just insignificant, I guess. Sorry about that, buddy."

The 1st thing that catches the eye in the email is that he "saw that quite a while ago". Since the original post here at "Is Dan Riehl a Child Predator" was posted on Oct. 3rd 2009 one can only conclude that Dan Riehl has a problem with what he saw and did at any specific time. Which begs into question of any alibi that Dan Riehl suspect in all things Creepy, has concerning the Child Molestation charges. Either that or it was Dan Riehl's way of saying, "Sticks and stones may penetrate my invertebrate body, but names can't hurt my coelenteron"

We must protect the children. It is worthwhile to ask how did Dan Riehl become such a low life and alleged Child Predator? In my research it seems that like many Republicans/Perverts Dan Riehl have a definite life cycle that they go through.

Here is a simple illustration.

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